PVGuard® Local 

Local Monitoring

Local availability of all monitored data for a renewable energy power plant

It isn’t always possible to monitor renewable energy power plants from a remote supervision platform. Using PVGuard® Local you obtain direct access to all your plant’s live and historic data locally, even when there is a break in the Internet connection. Together with the locally installed skyserv® Local server, PVGuard® Local provides long-term storage of all plant data on-site – for up to 20 years. Naturally all data can be exported at any time for reports and further analysis.



  • On-site access
  • Reading and evaluating of live and historical data
  • Live images from installed cameras


  • Autonomous monitoring – no Internet connection required
  • Local storage of all monitored data for up to 20 years
  • Unlimited use of historic data
  • All monitored data exportable

Clearly Presented

  • Graphic presentation of inverter status
  • Detailed views showing all combiner boxes including all string currents
  • User-definable analyses

PVGuard® Local

With PVGuard® Local you can access all data – both live and historic – from your renewable energy power plant, whether there is an Internet connection available or not. Apart from plant data and views, PVGuard® Local also provides you with live images from cameras installed at the plant.

  • Local monitoring of plants ­independent of an Internet connection
  • Data source is on-site, allowing unimpeded access to live and historical plant data
  • Additional data buffering to provide enhanced data availability

skyserv® Local

skyserv® Local provides enhanced local storage facilities, data backup for up to 20 years. Together with PVGuard® Local you can access all data – both live and historic – from your renewable energy power plant, whether there is an internet connection available or not.

Use the standard scope of functions of the PVGuard® supervision platform at the local sites. In addition data can be exported at any time for further processing and analysis. A power plant's operating data can be analyzed with custom charts as needed.

skyserv® CP

skyserv® CP provides enhanced local storage facilities and data backup for one year. At the same time skyserv® CP prepares the incoming data from the local data loggers for broadband transfer to the external long-term data hosting server, i.e. by way of data compression, filtering and preprocessing.

Even in the event of internet failure the data server ensures data consistency and backup as it allows filling data gaps that would otherwise occur.

skyserv® OPC

skyserv® OPC supports Open Platform Communications Data Access (OPC DA) and Unified Architecture (OPC UA) as the leading standards for industrial interoperability. It provides a simple way to connect PVGuard® data bases with third party systems to make data available in OPC format.

Note: To run this service skyserv® CP or skyserv® Local is needed on site.

skyserv® RtSO

skyserv® RtSO provides a gateway server platform for real-time remote control operations out of PVGuard®. Located within the power plant network, the server equipped with skytron® energy's gateway software collects defined incoming values from data loggers or a power plant controller and sends it directly to PVGuard®.

Switching commands are transmitted in the same way from PVGuard® dashboard via skyserv® RtSO to data loggers or a power plant controller which will forward the command to the connected switches / inverters. Note: To run the remote switching commands a virtual private network (VPN) between skyserv® RtSO and PVGuard® is required.


Data Sheet

Technical specifications
for skyserv® Series as PDF


Data Sheet

Technical specifications
for skyserv® Local as PDF


Data Sheet

Technical specifications
for skyserv® CP as PDF


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PVGuard® Local

Local Monitoring



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