Avoid expensive retrofitting from the outset – depending on the installation site or the power plant components used, our project engineering team plans all the measurement points that require monitoring.

Our Project Engineering Team Supports You

  • in fulfilling market, project and grid requirements
  • in planning the project specific SCADA solution, adjusted to your specific requirements
  • in designing the optimum power plant control solution
  • in choosing the necessary components, like sensors
  • in outlining the needed grid operator interface
  • in meeting the grid code requirements of the utility company

Let us accompany you – from your initial enquiry through to the definition of a monitoring and control concept - and help you fine tune it to your particular renewable energy project. Our project engineering team will be your professional design partner, helping you to find the optimum monitoring and control solution for the topology of your plant.

Our Recommendation:

We recommend approaching our project engineers at the planning phase of your project. This ensures the optimal monitoring solution for your plant, one which is perfectly adjusted to your specific requirements, and which implements the most efficient interaction between 

  • generator field sensorics and string monitoring, 
  • string and array layout, 
  • inverters, 
  • data logging, 
  • transmission and long-term storage, 
  • feed-in control and energy metering, 
  • and the remote supervision platform.

Pre-commissioning service
for long-term success

Project Engineering

Cost-Effective Planning


Optimum Start

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Vital performance criteria such as efficiency, reliability and availability, and a long service life are standard features of today's renewable energy power plants. Sustainable and environmentally friendly! As your professional advisers we will support you through every stage of your project.

Post-Commissioning Services

Once your plant has been commissioned, make the most of your plant asset with our advanced service and support.


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