Many renewable energy power plants don’t deliver the optimum yield they are capable of and over time power plants lose efficiency. A number of factors can lead to defects that, if not quickly detected and corrected, will impact the yield: e.g. technical faults like poor cable connections, incorrect installation of the system or component defects.

On the other hand you might have a portfolio of power plants which are implemented with outdated or several different inverters, modules, trackers as well as a poor monitoring concept.

As an independent PV specialist providing state-of-the-art SCADA solutions to maintain the functionality of your power plant, skytron energy assists you in ensuring faster return-on-investment and a higher income secured in the long-term.

High Performing Solar Assets with skytron® energy

With skytron energy’s technological expertise and 40 years of solar experience, we are your professional adviser in turning underperforming power plants into high performing solar assets.

Our services are tailored to your needs:

  • In-depth system audit of your power plant including technical review, yield analysis and measured value analysis 
  • Comprehensive report of our system audit with a project concept as well as a project plan for upgrading, migrating, refitting or repowering your PV system
  • Enhancement of your power plant through the installation of our scalable SCADA solution to optimize your monitoring, control and supervision system (e.g., replacement of defective components, integration of 3rd party SCADA systems in a single platform, upgrade of interfaces, etc.)
  • Dry-run and compliance tests (all phases of remote and on-site tests and final reporting)

Benefit from an Independent and Specialized SCADA Provider

  • Open system solution for easy and fast replacement of 3rd party SCADA systems for future resale
  • Faster ROI via identification of low performance components and optimization of plant performance
  • High-quality data and analytics for asset management
  • Multi-site plant management of an entire fleet, in a single proven platform
  • Increased plant performance through reduced downtime
  • Risk minimization by high-quality project management
  • Protection of your investment

Post-commissioning service
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System Migration and Retrofit

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Technical Support

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Vital performance criteria such as efficiency, reliability and availability, and a long service life are standard features of today's renewable energy power plants. Sustainable and environmentally friendly! As your professional advisers we will support you through every stage of your project.

Pre-Commissioning Services

An optimum start of your renewable energy power plant project starts with an excellent preparation. We accompany you – from your initial enquiry through to the definition of a monitoring and control concept.

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