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Documentation requirements vary massively from organization to organization. Therefore skytron® energy offers extensive services to support you with your document generation and data visualization. Our tools provide customizable reports and analyses of performance, availability, yield, and revenue information from your photovoltaic power plants – assuring data transparency for owners and operators.

Integrated, flexible and smart plant assessment

  • Consultation during the report design process
  • Creation of flexible, informative and accurate report templates
  • Consistent generation of plant reports adjusted to your specific requirements; monthly, quarterly or yearly
  • Base your personalized reporting on sound analysis and evaluation
  • Expert assessment of your detailed analysis
  • Our recommendation for necessary next steps
  • Seamlessly integrated into our PVGuard® SCADA Platform

Business Cases

Plant Operations

Reports about day-to-day plant performance, availability, energy production, and plant maintenance

and Revenues

Customized financial perspectives of historic, actual and forecast data based on your agreements, e.g. CfD, PPA schemes, etc.

Quality and
Investment Analysis

Financial evaluation of key performance indices, such as O&M, availability, plant maintenance, etc.

FlexReportXL – Your Customizable Reporting Tool

The FlexReportXL report generator generates customizable reports using any data from your entire portfolio of plants. Seamlessly integrated into PVGuard®, reports can access all its high-resolution data.

The combination of freely laid-out report templates and extensive scheduling options, provide you with flexible, informative and accurate plant reports. Multiple reports, each with different content can be created and delivered automatically according to your defined schedule.

Your Benefits


  • Seamless integration into the report of any data channel: measurement, forecast, surveys, CfD or PPA figures
  • Single log-in user interface for report generation covering the entire power plant portfolio, with personalized layouts, and a uniform "look & feel" that allows easy comparison of the data.
  • Tight integration of plant database and reporting tool ensures data integrity and transparency


  • Customizable format, layout, data sources, with fi lters, weightings,tables and graphs
  • Easy implementation of your own calculations and analyses as part of the report, at any time and as often as required, for all or selected plants
  • No restrictions on the number of report templates, sheets, calculations or data. Delivery schedule and recipients freely configurable


  • Specific data selection, for highly customizable reports
  • Modular design for reports with different contents and schedules, for different recipients
  • Analytic, allowing the combination of different analyses, to produce a comprehensive business overview
  • Reliable plant performance analysis based on long-term data collection
  • Timely reporting to agencies and investors – fully automated

Post-commissioning service
for long-term success


Comprehensive and Personalized

System Migration and Retrofit

Increase Plant Performance

Technical Support

Immediate Advice

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Vital performance criteria such as efficiency, reliability and availability, and a long service life are standard features of today's renewable energy power plants. Sustainable and environmentally friendly! As your professional advisers we will support you through every stage of your project.

10 Benefits to Keep 
Your Investment Intact

Protect your investment through monitoring. Our PVGuard® SCADA Software is a powerful tool for the remote supervision and maintenance of your renewable energy power plants.


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