08 / 29 / 2013

skytron® launches redesigned smart combiner box for economic operation in PV power plants

The new ArrayGuard® FH combiner boxes type PV29 to PV32 have been designed to meet the demand for cost-conscious BOS components in utility-scale photovoltaic installations.

Berlin-based skytron® energy is a renowned supplier of high quality monitoring, control and supervision solutions to the renewable energy sector. Its product range includes the well-established ArrayGuard® combiner-box series for PV systems, first launched in 2006.


This 1000 VDC component family has now been expanded to include a redesigned smart combiner box for utility-scale PV applications. The new models offer an outstanding price/performance ratio whilst preserving the reliability that this product’s reputation has been built upon.


The ArrayGuard® FH comes with the essential measurement, switching and protection functions fully integrated at no additional cost:

- Efficient DC connection of up to 24 strings

- Operational safety provided by integrated DC isolator switch

- Real-time monitoring of string performance using reliable shunt measurement techniques with high temperature-stable measurement precision of 0.5%

- Dependable string protection provided by gPV plug-in fuses, flexibly configured for both PV+ and PV-, or just PV+

- Adaptable surge protection, using Combi Type 1+2 for high-risk installations or Type 2 for medium-risk conditions, compliant with local lightning protection standards

- Industry-standard data communication based on CAN fieldbus technology

- Fully integrated monitoring of all critical conditions: tripping of surge protector, on/off status of DC isolator switch, cabinet temperature

- Low cost operation ensured by efficient power management with 24 V dc supply over CAN bus and low power consumption at 1.5 W max.

- Optimised cabinet layout providing efficient heat dissipation and prevention of condensation in humid climates

- Long service life outdoors ensured by rugged cabinet design using UV-resistant polycarbonate material

- Straightforward installation, DC connection and maintenance provided by optimised mounting kit, clear terminal fixings, and easily replaceable plug-in string fuses


These standard built-in features can be expanded by additional functions such as remote OFF for additional fire safety on rooftop installations, external DC isolator switch mounted on the front panel, 1500VDC operation or 32 string inputs, UL certification for the US market.


When combined with skytron’s PVGuard® control room software for remote plant supervision, ArrayGuard® combiner boxes with their integrated monitoring function ensure high resolution visualization of plant and string performance.  This combination helps provide comprehensive remote plant diagnostics, optimising O & M performance for maximum plant uptime and improved yield.


For further information on skytron’sArrayGuard® smart combiner boxes, please contact sales_at_skytron-energy.com 


Your skytron® energy Team


Data Sheet: ArrayGuard® FH - PV29 to PV32

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08 / 19 / 2013

Product Upgrade PVGuard® Mobile for iPhone® 1.205

skytron® energy is pleased to announce the release of version 1.205 of its PVGuard® Mobile for iPhone® application. The product upgrade will be available in the App Store from Monday, August 19, 2013.

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