01 / 21 / 2019

Release Announcement - skylog® C&I

skytron energy releases skylog® C&I, a new data logger system designed specifically for commercial and industrial projects


We are thrilled to announce our new data logger system designed specifically for commercial and industrial projects:

skylog® C&I - Data logger system

Our powerful and compact data logging system skylog® C&I, has been designed for commercial and industrial (C&I) solar energy projects. Communicating with the plant via Ethernet or RS485 bus half duplex, skylog® C&I can read and save all plant data transmitted by inverters, field sensor equipment, and any other status and measurement information, irrespective of make. The cost-optimized all-in-one solution is suitable for outdoor use and broadcasts the data to the PowerTrack backend. The heart of the system is an industrial PC (PowerLogger 1000) with an interactive touch screen LCD display which allows workers on site to interact with the system without the need for a laptop computer. Remote operations and diagnostics reduce onsite efforts throughout the project lifecycle, and automated configuration simplifies the installation process.





> Data logger component of a complete monitoring system for C&I solar energy projects

> Monitoring of central or string inverters

> Comprehensive range of weather sensor accessories available: Silicon reference cell with ambient & module temperature sensor Hukseflux SR05 pyranometer (IEC 61724-1 Class C) Hukseflux SR30 pyranometer (IEC 61724-1 Class A) RT1 rooftop sensor (irradiation measurement) Lufft WS compact weather sensors

> Support of inverters and energy meters from various manufacturers





> Sends real-time field data and diagnostics information to PowerTrack software platform

> Interactive touch display for field troubleshooting and commissioning

> Fully automated configuration

> Local data storage eliminates data gaps from lost network connectivity events

> Manual remote control for clearing inverter faults, turning inverter off and on, and operating switchgear where permitted

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09 / 26 / 2018

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