09 / 26 / 2018

Product Upgrade Announcement - PVGuard 2.8

skytron energy releases new update to its PVGuard Supervision Platform

skytron® energy is excited to announce the release of version 2.8 of PVGuard. The new version will be released on the night of Monday-Tuesday, October 8th – 9th 2018, when it will automatically become available to all PVGuard customers.


As the PVGuard Supervision platform is based on Java, it requires a Java runtime environment (recommended Version 8) to be installed.

New Features in Version 2.8

Version 2.8 brings several improvements to the application:


Template library for FlexReportXL reports

PVGuard Release 2.8 introduces a new feature to select reports from a library of templates and apply them to your assets. This makes it faster to get started with creating report schedules.


The pre-prepared templates have been designed to show the most useful data from your plant for a given purpose (e.g. for a monthly yield report). You can configure the template to contain data as you wish. Once you finish configuring the template, you can upload the template into PVGuard and have it fill in the actual data for your plant and send you and any other recipients you specify a report according to your desired schedule.


Other than a couple of special control sheets, the rest of the report is simply a standard Excel spreadsheet, with cells formatted as you wish. On the remaining sheets, you can refer to the cells containing the extracted data from your plant. You can re-generate the report as you like - so your report design can evolve over several iterations.

Yield Loss Calculation

As of version 2.8, PVGuard includes a new feature to provide a facility to estimate the yield loss when either a complete plant or its components are faulty or not running at their full potential. This may be due to an issue affecting the whole plant, for example, curtailment of its output by the network operator, or might be localized to specific components, such as an inverter failure.


PVGuard’s yield loss estimates are produced by calculating how much power would have been produced theoretically by that plant or component under normal circumstances. The yield loss is calculated as the difference between the actual power production and the theoretical production capacity. Yield loss is determined minute-by-minute (assuming data is available for the plant at this resolution), and then this is summed over the respective period to produce a yield loss figure in kWh for the whole period of the outage.


Several different mechanisms are available for estimating the theoretical power production – PVGuard allows operators the ability to choose between these methods.

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07 / 26 / 2018

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