07 / 27 / 2017

Multi-megawatt solar power plant in Japan turns to skytron energy’s monitoring technology

47 MWp plant in Japan to use remote switching, data logging and a stand-alone SCADA platform

skytron energy, a leading supplier of monitoring, control and supervision solutions for PV power plants is equipping a 47-megawatt peak (MWp) power plant in Japan with a comprehensive remote monitoring system. This project will expand skytron energy’s total capacity in Japan to around 90 MWp.


Outstanding data protection

Monitoring and real-time remote switching functions at the PV plant in Japan will be performed with manufacturer-independent hard- and software solutions from skytron energy. The skylog data logging system delivers up-to-the-minute weather and performance data from all parts of the plant. With its buffer, the data logger continues to collect data for weeks – even at sites where the internet connection is unreliable. skylog thus ensures a high level of data backup.


Real-time switching using skyserv RtSO technology

The PVGuard supervision platform allows remote monitoring and - when used in conjunction with the skyserv RtSO server for real-time SCADA operations -  enables integrated remote switching in real-time. Using a customized dashboard, the PV plant operator connects directly with the power plant and triggers switching commands, thus making it possible to activate and deactivate individual inverters, sections or the entire plant. Integrated authentication and encryption elements provide a high degree of security.


“Our 40 years of solar experience, combined with local support through skytron energy K.K. and proven power plant expertise, ensure high-quality monitoring while simultaneously reducing O&M expenses. The result is an unmatched return on our customers’ investment,” explains Nicolas Plenge, Regional Head of Sales APAC of skytron energy GmbH.


Exact data on plant operation

Thanks to the system’s uninterrupted monitoring capability, dips in performance and faults are quickly identified and localized. The costs of maintenance and repair work decrease, leading to improvements in plant profitability. Data collected during long-term monitoring can be stored for the entire life of the plant, facilitating comparisons between target and actual values and improving the efficiency of system operation.

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04 / 25 / 2017

skytron energy installs power plant control system in Japan

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