05 / 13 / 2013

Intersolar Award Finalist 2013 – Solar Projects in Europe

skytron® energy GmbH and pv backoffice GmbH are nominated for the Intersolar Award 2013 with their challenging project “Plant Control Concept - Neuhardenberg”. Find out here what makes our project unique.

General Project Description

With an installed capacity of 61.72 MWp - 53 MWp, Neuhardenberg, a PV plant in Germany’s north-east, is a cluster of 4 plant sections equipped with 3 different inverter types and feeding into one common grid connection point.


- Part 1: 8149.46 kWp ecosenergy Betriebsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG with 5 stations, each with two ABB PVS800 inverters

- Part 2: 11353.72 kWp ecosenergy Betriebsgesellschaft Neuhardenberg mbH & Co. KG with 7 stations, each with two ABB PVS800 inverters

- Part 3: 19688.64 kWp BaySolar Energie Park A1 GmbH & Co. KG with 12 stations, each with three KACO XP500 inverters

- Part 4: 22525.80 kWp Energiepark Neuhardenberg GmbH & Co.KG with 985 Diehl Ako 22000 TL inverters

Pioneering Character

Cascaded closed loop control system for  a cluster of 4 photovoltaic power plants delivering power to a common grid connection point:


- One primary controller at the 110 kV level (cos? controller)

- 4 subordinated controllers at the 20 kV level, one  for each plant section (active power controller)

- Each of these five controllers has its own closed-loop control path with actual value feedback


The flexible and anticipatory control scheme enables subsequent tuning in order to comply with grid operator’s expanding requirements for plants with capacities higher than 50 MWp

Enhances grid stability as required by the German Renewable Energy Regulations EEG


- Integration, into one control system, of different models of inverters (ABB, KACO, Diehl Ako) with their different control behavior

- Cascaded design combining 4 individual plant control processes and a super-ordinated plant controller into a customized overall control system

- Integration of a plant monitoring and supervision system that allows all project partners involved to supervise plant operation and control results

- Compliance with the stringent requirements of the utility company:

  • Apparent power limitation according to utility company (set point input via telecontrol)
  • Transmission of stop commands to the inverters in less than 500 ms: Directional reactive power undervoltage protection & emergency stop

Benefits of our skycontrol PV Power Plant Controller

skycontrolis a highly scalable control system that supports a wide range of physical interfaces, control adjustment options, and the integration of virtually all commonly used inverters.


Providing  advanced control of PV power plant's active and reactive power contents, skytron energy's skycontrolsignificantly contributes to the controlled integration of regenerative power into the electricity grid while enhancing grid stability and availability.  It thus helps to promote solar energy as a viable, reliable and green power source and to achieve our climate protection objectives.


skycontrol is a highly modular system that allows flexible configuration and fine-tuning of the control functions required.  Being compatible with virtually all solar inverters in the PV market, skycontrol is the ideal solution for PV plant operators that run PV plants of different topologies and equipped with different solar inverters.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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04 / 09 / 2013

Product Upgrade Announcement PVGuard® Supervision Platform 1.7.0

skytron® energy is pleased to announce the release of the new version, 1.7.0, of its PVGuard® product. The product upgrade will be available starting Wednesday, April 10, 2013.

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