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The PVGuard® SupervisionPlatform continuously monitors your renewable energy power plants, constantly updates your plant portfolio and promptly alerts you to problems. Its integrated alarm management simplifies fault tracking.

PVGuard® is a powerful tool for the remote supervision and maintenance of your power plants. Specially designed for systems in the megawatt range, PVGuard® gives you fast access to all the operations data you need. 

Through its clearly presented views – down to string level – and comprehensive alarm management including automatic alerts, PVGuard® offers you the best possible control of your plant management operations.

  • Consistent asset management (optimal resource deployment, site comparison and improvement, best practices)
  • Security of investment through maximised operating efficiency and yields
  • Invaluable source of information for potential warranty or insurance claims 
  • Plant performance and availability always “in view” 
  • Compatibility with different forms of electricity dispatching and trading

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Features and Screenshots of our PVGuard® SCADA Software

01 ­ Provides Vendor-Independent Monitoring

  • Inverters
  • Energy meters and environment sensors
  • Combiner boxes

The PVGuard® Supervision Platform supports all standard inverters, energy meters and environmental sensors. No matter whose equipment you have chosen, the acquisition and long-term storage of data from all monitored components in your

renewable energy power plant is assured. Your entire plant portfolio can then be viewed through a single, uniform software platform, so increasing the efficiency of your plant supervision.

You can find the entire compatibility list here.       

02 ­ Manages All Your Power Plants Worldwide

  • In a single platform
  • With definable areas of responsibility
  • Using consistent, user-configurable views

The PVGuard® Supervision Platform helps you demarcate areas of responsibility when managing your power plants. You can set login and access permissions across your entire, global portfolio of plants down to a measurement channel level. Additionally, access rights can be assigned across the available views, power plants, alarms, devices and measurement channels.The integrated Fleet Manager allows you to monitor the technical details of all power

plants, inverters and alarms across your entire fleet in a single view; this can be filtered and sorted as you wish. Whether you display it on large-screen monitors in your control room or on a tablet PC, you get an at-a-glance picture of the crucial information on your plant fleet. A large choice of supported languages facilitates location-independent plant supervision. You can change the language at any time while you work.

03 ­ Visualizes All Acquired Data and Stores Individual Templates

  • In tables and charts according to your need
  • Optimized operation using color-coded heatmaps
  • Down to a one-minute resolution 

The high resolution and accuracy of the data assists plant owners and operators during fine diagnosis. You can identify and plan any necessary maintenance in advance, thereby maximizing the availability and profitability of your solar plants. You can create your own specialized analyses at will, save them and then later recall them as a template, so that you have quick access to your most important metrics, and can spot trends.

The data from every component and plant can be brought together and evaluated according to your own wishes. Normalized and cumulative metrics are provided, derived from the raw data, and which continuously correct abnormalities and fill in data gaps automatically. In this way, you are reliably kept aware about your renewable energy power plant at all times.

04 ­ Compares Your Plant Data

  • In consistent views with all relevant parameters
  • Regardless of location, with time zone correction
  • Across all components, providing a quick overview

Predefined views show the relevant components and metrics for each plant: blocks, inverters, combiner boxes, the plant control system and sensors. Data such as performance ratio, irradiation or the energy yield is displayed clearly and in a uniform way. This allows easy comparison, with irregularities being easy to spot.

By using consolidated displays including derived parameters you can compare and assess plants at different locations or using different inverter concepts or module technologies. Time-zone adjusted charts assist when comparing day-by-day curves of plant data from around the world.

05 ­ Reports Alarms

  • Automatically from all components
  • With detailed fault descriptions
  • Clearly displaying alarm processing status 

Speed up your response to outages and achieve higher plant availability through continuous monitoring as part of a systematic and efficient operations management (O&M) strategy. Specify which faults are to be monitored, their criteria and limits, taking into account the plant topology

and site-specific factors such as string layouts, shading or inverter mode. The alarm status can be called up from different plant views. Alarm management provides you with the relevant information and can record the processing of alarms.

06 ­ Controls Your Fleet

  • With a full supervision log incl. control and output curtailment
  • With calculation of expected yields
  • With alerts for curtailment events 

Through its integrated control function RtSO (Real-time SCADA Operations), you can connect directly to your power plant via a customized dashboard and operate breakers. In this way, you can switch individual inverters, blocks or even the entire power station on and off. All operations are logged for later evaluation. Integrated authentication and encryption ensure a high level of security. Flexible PV systems are a

prerequisite for integration into grid networks and markets. With skycontrol your power plants are prepared for the challenges of the future; the PVGuard® Supervision Platform lets you visualize their integration into the energy management systems. In this way you can ensure a solid connection with the network management system and obtain a visual display and documentation of the curtailment.

07 ­ Stores Historic Data

  • Over the whole lifecycle
  • Allowing assessment against manufacturer warranty
  • Providing historical comparison of your data

You can get full access at any time to all historic data covering the entire lifespan of your plants. This allows you to identify any aging effects – such as module degradation – that affect the yield of your systems, and to assess this against the manufacturer

warranty. Flexible tables and charts are available to assist with visualization and analysis. All views allow you to see a plant’s actual status at any given time. 

08 ­ Generates Flexible Plant Reports and Views

  • In templates created by yourself
  • Adapted to your requirements
  • With your own choice of plant data

The FlexReportXL report generator generates customizable reports using any data from your entire portfolio of plants. Seamlessly integrated into PVGuard®, reports can access all its high resolution data. The combination of freely laid-out report templates and extensive scheduling options, provide you with flexible, informative and accurate plant reports. Multiple reports, each with different content can be created and delivered automatically according to your defined schedule.

You can also tailor the way live data is depicted using PVGuard® Dashboards. Lay out your own views using the Dashboard Designer, with the arrangement and detail of the data meeting your specific needs. Any data channels that you can see in PVGuard® may be depicted in Dashboards. You can include your own graphics too – such as branding and symbols, maps and photos. In this way you can maximize the attractiveness and usability of PVGuard®.

09 ­ Produces Production Forecasts

  • For today, tomorrow or a few days ahead
  • At an hourly resolution for up to 7 days in advance
  • Updated several times a day

PVGuard® uses a self-adaptive algorithm to predict the plant output, based on high-quality, current weather data, the plant’s characteristics and its output over recent weeks. Updated several times a day, projections are available worldwide at hourly intervals and for a period of up to seven days in advance. This allows you to maximize

revenues for your photovoltaic systems in direct marketing situations or, where necessary – such as in California, Puerto Rico, South Africa and Romania – to meet the grid network requirements. The forecast data may be integrated seamlessly into your own views, analyses or reports, allowing you to visualize and evaluate it as you wish.

10 ­ Incorporates an Integrated Service Log

  • For documenting operation, service and repair
  • With links to alarm management
  • Simplifying compliance with record keeping needs

The service log provides you with a chronological record of the operation, maintenance and repair of your plant. It allows you to link your records to any relevant alarms and device specifics, and add your own notes.

Records are stored centrally and can be fully recalled at any time. The service log helps you meet the necessary record keeping requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification. 

“As we approach 1GW of installed solar, the new portfolio management features of PVGuard® will be of enormous benefit to our team, and help us to surmount our increasing workload.“
Mike Loeser
Director of Operations, Strata Solar Services

PVGuard® – Available as an App
Mobile Access To Your Plant

With PVGuard Mobile, you get worldwide fast access to the most important data across your plant portfolio. The interests of investors and operators are catered for through customized views, with key data about performance and yield being clearly presented on your mobile device.

  • Mobile access to your entire global power plant portfolio
  • Personalized plant overview with key performance data from your renewable energy power plants
  • All-encompassing alarm management, ideal for mobile monitoring of power plants whilst travelling
  • Mobile access to all the important performance records of your plant e.g. Energy yield accumulated, energy yield today, performance ratio
  • Current status information of your plant:
    Plant data: altitude, latitude, longitude, module degradation, peak power installed, etc.
    Performance data: energy yield accumulated, energy yield today, performance ratio, ambient temperature, module temperature, radiation power, radiation yield accumulated, radiation yield today, etc.
  • View your power plant data in a chart – How high was the energy harvest today, yesterday, last month or last year

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 8.0 or later with Android devices running 4.1 or later. You need an Internet Connection and a user account from skytron energy to run the app.

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  • Reduces your risk by facilitating grid connection
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