Weather Unit

Our universal system for the measurement of ambient conditions. skyCONNi-Sun is capable of integrating a number of different weather sensors into the plant communication network. The basic system offers integrated ambient and module temperature sensors as well as two interfaces for the connection of irradiation sensors, be it pyranometers or reference cells. A compact weather station providing information about wind, precipitation and humidity conditions can also be connected. The skyCONNi-Sun cabinet is of robust design and suitable for outdoor installation.

Comprehensive Functions

Telescopic mast for mounting skyCONNi and sensors is available as an option.

The sensor kit is capable of measuring a wide range of weather data relevant for the operation and revenue of your PV power plant:

  • irradiation
  • ambient temperature
  • module temperature
  • atmospheric pressure and air humidity
  • wind speed
  • wind direction
  • amount, duration and intensity of rain and hail

Suitable for indoor and outdoor application:

  • wall mounting
  • module-frame mounting or
  • pole mounting


  • Pyranometer air conditioning with ventilation unit for enhanced accuracy and reliability of the pyranometer
  • Reference Module Adapter (RMA) enables solar irradiation measurement in connection with thin film modules (Article No. 3RMA00151)
  • Zone Monitoring – skyCONNi-Zone: PV strings bundled to zones are measured and evaluated as a total, at the inverters’ inputs employing current transducers (not included)

Hardware Features


Communication and Measurement Circuit Boards

Mainboard with integrated CAN and RS-485(HD) interface combined with circuit boards for temperature and irradiation measurement

Can Bus + 24 V DC (Overvoltage Protected)

Terminal clamps for CAN bus and 24 V power supply

Terminals 24 V DC Power Supply for External Devices

For digital weather sensors (like Vaisala WXT520)

Surge Protection Devices

Protection for RS-485 bus signals

Cable Glands

For all cabling leading in and out with the required diameter, UV-resistant, additional strain relief needless


Polycarbonate with polyurethane sealing


  • RS-485 (HD)
  • Temperature measurement (2 channels)
  • Irradiation measurement (2 channels)

Vaisala Weather Transmitter

Digital weather sensor measuring wind, precipitation, humidity and temperature

Temperature Sensors

Ambient temperature sensor (left), module temperature sensor (right)

Irradiation Sensors

Reference cell (left), pyranometer (right), Reference Module Adapter (not shown)

Data Sheet

Technical specifications for 
skyCONNi® as PDF


Monitoring Components
by skytron energy



Extensive SCADA Software

PVGuard® Local

Local Monitoring



Efficient Data Logger System


Universal Weather Unit

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