Data Acquisition 

Protect your investments
with intelligent monitoring!

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Trillions of Historical Data Points

Comprehensive and transparent data about the long-term performance of the entire plant and of each individual component, are not just essential for analysis - they also enhance bankability of your assets and pave the path for a future resale.

No matter how sustainable and attractive investments in renewable energy may appear, power plants are affected by external factors and local conditions. Thanks to integrative monitoring solutions from skytron energy, impairments and damage can be localized rapidly with the aid of real-time data – even for areas the size of several football pitches. The quicker problems are detected, the more efficiently a power plant will operate. Further, our monitoring solution is designed to offer compatibility with those of other suppliers. Now that's what we call integrative!

Your benefits through Monitoring
by skytron® energy

  • Reduced
  • Compatible with
    all technologies
  • Universal
  • Reduction
    of yield losses
  • Enhanced bankability
    of your assets

Efficient and comprehensive functions
of our Monitoring components

  • High-quality, robust industry-standard components: skyCONNi weather units and skylog® data loggers
  • High-resolution data collection (100 ms samples, one-minute mean values)
  • Salt*-, sand*- and UV-resistant components
  • Local access to real-time data over the skylog® web interface
  • Independent of inverter type and make
  • Reduced downtime through precise and timely fault detection
  • Flexible sourcing of equipment from different manufacturers
  • Reliable and lasting operation under harsh outdoor environments
  • Improved bankability with more attractive assets should plant be subsequently offered for sale
“Only on the basis of the modular, hardware and software independent monitoring solution of skytron® energy, we are able to serve the best and complete life-cycle O&M services to our customers.“
Tobias Deissler
Managing Director, Assyce Asia Ltd.

Monitoring Components
by skytron energy



Extensive SCADA Software

PVGuard® Local

Local Monitoring



Efficient Data Logger System


Universal Weather Unit

Protect Your Investment with our Stand-Alone SCADA Software

  • Full transparency for investors, plant operators and network distribution companies
  • Yield maximization through fault localization, reduced downtime and automated logging
  • Worldwide independence by displaying your entire plant portfolio on a single platform, independent of its location, its time zone and the technologies used

Reduce Installation Costs with Dedicated Project Engineering

  • Highly experienced engineering team fulfills market, project and grid requirements
  • Optimal SCADA solution, adjusted to your specific requirements
  • Enhanced grid stability and balancing through flexible grid integration concepts


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