• PVGuard®

    Supervision Platform

    Our Tool for Remote Monitoring
    – specially designed for utility-scale PV plants
    – quicker access to relevant plant data
    – software solution for investors and operators

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Further Software

PVGuard® WebPortal

Web platform with access to your PV power plant’s measurement data

PVGuard® Mobile Apps

iPhone-optimised app for a mobile overview of plant data

PVGuard®Our Supervision Platform

PVGuard® is our tool to help you with the remote monitoring and maintenance of your PV system. Specially designed for PV plants in the megawatt range, PVGuard® provides you with fast access to the operating data you need.


With its graphic depiction of detailed status information - down to string level - and comprehensive alarm management including automatic messaging, PVGuard® provides you with the information and incident control mechanism you need to effectively supervise your plants.

Vendor-independent PV monitoring

  • We support all inverters, energy meters and environment sensors in common use. A summary can be found in the inverter or energy meter compatibility list.
  • We provide data capture and long-term data storage for all monitored components in your PV system.
  • Our SCADA program displays a complete picture of your entire PV plant portfolio in a single portal - all facilities at a glance – so increasing the efficiency of your operations management.

Real-time visualization of data, to a one minute resolution

  • The high accuracy and resolution of the measured data help you and your operators with fine tuning, and let you proactively identify and plan necessary maintenance work, so ensuring you get optimum availability and profitability from your solar plant.
  • Create reports which you can also save and reuse at any time.
  • We provide you with the key business information you need, derived from the raw measured data and with irregularities and data gaps compensated for, so that you always have a complete, up-to-date and reliable picture of your PV plants’ state.

Manage all your plants from a single platform

  • Gain single-point administration through our online platform to your entire global portfolio of power plants.
  • Define roles and responsibilities for power plant administration by assigning user access rights to power plants, alarms, devices and measurement points.
  • The geographical representation of sites and plant states allows you and your operators a quick system overview at all times for any plant in your account.

Alarm management with an integrated error log and error analysis

  • Accelerate your reaction time to outages coupled with enhanced fault diagnosis, so as to increase your plants’ availability. Use long-term analyses for systematic and efficient operation and maintenance (O&M).
  • Define error conditions, error states and limits for automatic monitoring that takes the system topology and site conditions (e.g. string allocation, shading or inverter mode) into account.
  • Evaluate the performance of your complete PV system, or just the individual inverters, strings or other components.

Comprehensive operation and maintenance records

  • A service log provides you with chronological records for the operation and maintenance of your PV system.
  • For traceability, link the centrally maintained log, together with operator notes, to service incidents such as alarms together with details of specific equipment.
  • The service log provides a simple and indispensable tool in helping you meet the necessary record keeping requirements for certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

Compare components across different plants and time zones

  • By overlaying the data for the various normalized parameters, you can compare and evaluate plants at different sites that use differing inverter concepts or module technologies.
  • Comparison views present normalized summaries of the key parameters for all power plants - always in an identical format – allowing quick comparison and contrast.
  • Time-zone-corrected representations allow quick, visual intra-day comparison of plant data from different plants worldwide.

Storage and archiving of all measured data acquired over the plant’s entire operational life

  • You always have full access to all historical data over the entire life of the plant.
  • This allows sophisticated analysis for aging effects in your PV plant such as the early detection of module degradation that might be needed for warranty purposes.
  • Flexible tables and diagrams are available to assist in analysis and visualization. You can depict the state of the plant at any time in all views.

PVGuard® Guest Access

See the functionality and power of the PVGuard® Supervision Platform for yourself - test it using our demo account. Simply log in using the user account "demo" and password "sun4all" in the connection dialog.

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